Terms and Condition

  • 1.BOOKING ORDER. Booking Order shall be encoded in the Southwest system (STS v2.0), prior to the-pre booking cut-off date which shall be at 16:00 (4PM) Philippine time on the date prior to the arrival or departure of the guests. The booking order shall contain the following details, to wit: Guest name Total Number of Passengers (stating the number of adults, children and infants, and senior citizens);
    Flight Details (Airline, Flight Numbers, Arrival and Departure schedules);
    Name of Resort or Drop-Off/Pick-Up Stations;
    Required Services.

  • 2.RIGHT TO DECLINE BOOKING. The First Party shall have the right to decline the booking if such is made less than 24 hours prior to the guest’s arrival or departure. Booking shall also be dependent on the availability of the units in the area. As such, the First Party shall also have the right to decline bookings that exceed its capacity.

  • 3.NO-SHOW GUESTS. Guests who do not show up at the arrival counter of the Second Party at the airport terminal, or at the hotel or pick-up station for departures, shall be charged 100% and no refund will be issued to the Second Party.

  • 4.CANCELLATIONS. In the event of booking cancellation, the Second Party shall notify the First Party through a written request either sent by email or fax. Cancellations will be subject to the following refunds:

  • Cancellation Period Cancellation Fee Refund
    30 days before transfer date 0% 100%
    20-29 days before transfer date 10% 90%
    10-19 days before transfer date 20% 80%
    6-9 days before transfer date 40% 60%
    3-5 days before transfer date 60% 40%
    2 days before transfer date 80% 20%
    1 day before transfer date 90% 10%
    Less than 24 hours 100% 0%

  • 5.FOC PASSENGERS. The First Party will allow the Second Party to book one (1) Free of Charge (FOC) passenger per 15 paid passengers, up to a maximum of three (3) FOC passengers, provided that this policy is subject to the following guidelines:
  • Additional FOCs may be booked as part of the Second Party’s privilege as a volume client.
  • The Second Party holds the First Party harmless against all forms of liability that may be claimed by FOC passengers as a result of their FOC transfers.

  • 6.SETTLEMENT. All booking shall be settled prior to the transfer date. A minimum of 50% down payment shall be required upon booking confirmation to reserve the unit for the Second Party. Prior to the arrival or departure date of the guests, all fees shall be settled by the Second Party.

  • 7.PAYMENT. The Second Party shall pay to the First Party by credit card, bank transfer or any STS version 2 payment method for load top up options.
  • Account Name: Southwest Tours(Boracay) Inc.
    BPI Account No.: KALIBO 1463-0777-69 / 1463-0777-42
    BDO Account No.: MAKATI (001230063836)
    Account Type: Checking / Current / Savings
    Account Currency: Peso
    Bank Name & Address: BPI Kalibo Branch / BDO Makati Branch

  • At least 24 hours prior to the guest’s arrival or departure, the total seats booked in its buses and vans for the purpose of this agreement and during its duration under the existing current tariff rates. Enclosed herewith is the table of Current Tariff Rates marked Annex “A” and with attached other areas contracted rates. The attached rates are subject to change with 30 days’ notice;

  • 8.BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE. Each passenger is allowed two (2) pieces hand-carried luggage. Any number of luggage in excess will be charged P250.00 per luggage.

  • 9.PORTERAGE SERVICE. Porterage service is NOT included in the transfer fee. Third party porterage service for a fee may be requested at the time of booking, but in no way shall the First Party be held liable for the performance of the porterage provider.

  • 10.LOST OR DAMAGED LUGGAGE. In the unlikely event of lost or damaged luggage due to negligence of third party or passengers, the First Party shall not be held liable for said loss or damage.

  • 11.FORCE MAJEURE. In cases where passengers from the point of origin to the point of destination miss their flights due to delays in or cancellation of transfers caused by increment weather, natural calamities, fortuitous events, civil commotion, and all other causes beyond the control of the First Party, the latter shall not be held liable for any refund or remuneration of expenses by passengers due to said failure of services.

  • 12. TERM. That the terms of this contract shall be a period of one (1) year from the date of signing. Revision, cancellation, or extension after expiration shall be subject to mutual agreement of both Parties.